Monday, 18 January 2016

The goodbye post

Today is my last post in this blog. We finish English classes soon, so the blog project will be also finished. I leave a big piece of me here, my experiences, changesthat had place in my interests, everything I explored for write it here.

I must admit that in the last month English became for me pretty important, I started to do a lot by my own. One of these activities is listening songs in English and learning by heart their lyrics. I know it's something very basic, but for me it's like a revolution to relisten songs of my adolescence or childhood and focus on what they say, on their message. All the rock and punk bands and artists like Avril Lavigne, Green Day, Sum 41, Blink 182... I grew up on them!

But there is one more group, related more with my childhood. I remember very well that my dad switched on the disc of The Kelly Family while we're travelling by car. There are three songs of them I'm listening at present and I just keep wondering about their style! The long hair (men's hair ir even loger than the women's), strange clothes and in general the group that consists of members of one family!

Today I know much more about Spanish and Latin American culture so this clip make me laugh, because they mix Brazilian samba with Spanish guitars and show a stereotypical image of Spain, where all women wear flamenco dress and all men some king of Spanish tuxedo. But then again, the part of song that is in Spanish is very well sung! No American accent ;)

I like very much the spirit of this song, when they play and sing around the bonfire... This clip has just a great screenplay and costumes!

And the last one, very touching. Do you hear harmony between Angelo and Paddy's voices? I love it!

End of story! :) With this nice accent I want to invite you to rediscover your tastes of some time before. I'm sure it will be an awsome adventure!

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  1. Thank you for writing such an interesting blog! I can see you really made a lot of effort. Well done! :)